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My name is Greta and my goal is to help couples like you tell their story through a stunning wedding or an amazing proposal.


I strongly believe that such an important day should reflect your personality completely, that's why my starting point will always be you, and a clean slate that will become whatever you want.

Together we will find the right way to translate your story in the event you truly deserve.


It's going to be amazing!

Alessandra & Fabio

“When I first talked to Greta I understood that my dream wedding was actually possible. She was the only one that didn't try to push me towards already seen choices but instead really listed to me and perfectly understood what I needed. After seeing her project I was thrilled! it was just what I wanted." 


A few questions I get often asked that can help you better understand if I'm the right person to help you


  • How long have you been a wedding planner?

I've been helping couples for over 7 years. I started working in the private event business styling parties and weddings for different venues. I decided to make the jump to the other side, the couple side, to be really able to help them as an ally. Because if I learned one thing working for the vendors, is that you need an ally. And I'm very happy to be that for you!


  • What is the average cost of the events you plan?

My first commitment to you is to respect your budget and find a way to give you the best that you can have, therefore the only one who can determine how much will the wedding cost, is you!


  • Can you provide a service price list?

I don't have a predefined price list as I only offer custom services. My fee will depend on a number of details but I will be able to provide you with one after we've discussed your project and I had the time to establish the scope of my work. If anything changes through the planning process I will send you an updated quote so that you're always in control. That also applies to wedding expenses outside of my fee. No bad surprises!  


  • How do you deal with privacy issues?

Your wedding and your marriage proposal are very special, emotional moments that are just about you and your values.

I will use for marketing reasons only the pictures you are comfortable with me sharing. It is absolutely your decision and I will always respect it. 


  • You always look so calm, how do you do while dealing with weddings?

This question is forever a mystery to me because let me tell you,  I might look calm but I'm usually far from it. The only explanation I can think of is that my face probably goes in standby mode while the wheels in my brain spin out of control for thinking of a hundred things at a time.


  • Something else about you?

I love pink but I almost always wear black 

I'm a cappuccino lover...until it becomes acceptable to switch to red wine

I live on the hills but I got married by the sea, to my biggest crush

I believe every day is the right day to travel, especially to New York 

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